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You know, a lot of professional racing gamers (they call them “sim racers”) prefer using those fancy racing wheels when playing a game called Assetto Corsa Competizione. But guess what? Some people, maybe like you, like to stick with game controllers. And that’s okay!

Have you ever wondered how to get the best settings for your controller that makes your car go vroom vroom really fast? The right settings can mean the difference between winning and, well, not finishing the race at all. It’s like having the right shoes when you run; you want to feel super comfy and at your best.

Here’s a little secret: many racers make a big boo-boo. They pick settings that are too jumpy or just don’t feel right. And then, when things don’t go well in the game, they blame the game itself! But, shh, between you and me, sometimes it’s those tricky settings that cause the trouble.

So, let’s make sure we get them right, okay?

Can You Race On Assetto Corsa With A Controller Quickly?

Have you ever thought about racing in Assetto Corsa using just a controller? You totally can! But, here’s a little tip: if you’re racing against someone using those big racing wheels, they might have a slight edge. Kinda like racing on foot against someone on a bike. But don’t worry! For folks who are just starting, a controller is a fantastic way to dive in without spending a ton of cash on a fancy wheel and pedal setup.

#1 Assetto Corsa Controller Settings PS5

If you’re using a PS5 controller, there are some cool settings that can help you drive better. Now, it might feel a bit wobbly at first because, well, it’s a controller, but with some practice, you’ll get the hang of it. These settings will help you drive smoother and keep your times consistent:

  • Vibration intensity: Keep it at 80% (the usual setting)
  • Speed Sensitivity: Set to 70%
  • Dead zone: Tiny bit at 2%
  • Steering Speed: Go for 70%
  • Speed Filter: Just a touch at 10%
  • Steering assistance: Turn it off! You got this.
  • Steer gamma: Set to 3.0
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Remember, everyone’s a bit different, so these might not be the perfect settings for you, but they’re a solid place to start!

#2 Assetto Corsa Controller Settings Xbox One

Still got that Xbox One? Great! Some folks love playing Assetto Corsa on it. To make the most of your Xbox controller, try these settings:

  • Gamma: Put it at 2.2
  • Filtration: A slight 0.82
  • Speed sensitivity: Up to 75%
  • Deadzone: A super tiny 0.04
  • Steering speed: Max it out at 100%

It might feel a bit different at first, but give it some time. Once you get used to it, you’ll be racing like a champ!

#3 Best Assetto Corsa Controller Settings Pc

Using a PC? Assetto Corsa is a blast on it! Especially if you’re practicing for real-world driving. For the ultimate controller setup, try:

  • Speed sensitivity: 75%
  • Steering: Use the Left Thumb
  • Throttle: Right Trigger’s your pal
  • Brakes: Go with the Left Trigger
  • Shifting up? Hit A
  • And to shift down, just press X

#4 How Do I Change Controller Settings In Assetto Corsa?

Okay, if you’re itching to change some of these settings in Assetto Corsa, here’s how:

  1. Open up the game.
  2. Head to ‘Settings’, then ‘Controller’, and finally, ‘Advanced’.
  3. Now, you’ll see all the advanced controller settings. Feel free to play around and find what’s perfect for you!

Assetto Corsa Mods

Do you know what makes Assetto Corsa super special? The mods! For those who love drifting, this game is like a dream come true. Now, there are a ton of mods out there. It’s like walking into a candy store with endless choices! But you don’t want to pick just any candy, right? You’d want the best. So, always check out trusted recommendations to get top-quality mods.

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Oh, and a quick heads-up: if you’re thinking of getting these mods, you’ll need to play Assetto Corsa on a PC. That’s where all the mod magic happens!

Top Mods to Check Out

Ready to dive in? Here are some of the coolest mods you can add to your game:

  1. Assetto Corsa Content Manager – Think of this as your personal assistant for all things Assetto Corsa.
  2. Custom Shaders Pack – It’s like giving your game a fresh coat of paint. Everything looks so much better!
  3. Sol Mod – Add a splash of realism with this mod.
  4. True Mod – Another mod to make your game look even more lifelike.
  5. Race Essentials – Essential tools and features for every racer out there.
  6. Studio Race Sim – Get that professional racing studio feel.
  7. Ford ’34 Sedan Legends – Cruise around in this legendary sedan.
  8. Florio Targa – Experience a unique race track.
  9. G55 GT3 Ginetta – A sleek car to enhance your collection.
  10. Honda NSX Type S ’22 by DT Mods – Take this beauty for a spin!
  11. VRC – Not sure what this is? It’s a secret surprise mod. 😉
  12. Speed Champions Lego – Because who doesn’t love Lego?
  13. Daikoko Realistic Traffic Simulation (or 2REAL) – Make your races more challenging with realistic traffic.
  14. Protech Hybrid P91 Evo – A futuristic car for those who love speed.

Let the Races Begin!

So, now that you’ve got a list, which one will you try first? Whichever you choose, remember to always have fun and enjoy the race! 🚗💨

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best controller settings for Assetto Corsa on PC, Xbox, and PS5?

The best controller settings vary depending on personal preference and the type of controller being used. However, some general tips include lowering the sensitivity of the throttle and brake, increasing the steering sensitivity, and adjusting the dead zones to prevent accidental movements.

How can I improve my controller's response time in Assetto Corsa?

To improve response time, try adjusting the controller input mode to "DirectInput" or "XInput" depending on your controller type. Also, make sure to update your controller driver software to ensure optimal compatibility.

Is it possible to play Assetto Corsa with a keyboard instead of a controller?

Yes, it is possible to play Assetto Corsa with a keyboard, but it may be less precise and more difficult than using a controller. For best results, try mapping the keyboard keys to mimic a controller's buttons and joysticks.

Are there any specific settings that I should use for racing with a steering wheel controller?

Yes, if you are using a steering wheel controller, we recommend adjusting the force feedback and sensitivity settings to match the specific wheel model being used. It is also important to calibrate the wheel before each race to ensure optimal performance.

Should I use an analog or digital input mode for my controller in Assetto Corsa?

For optimal control and precision, we recommend using an analog input mode for your controller. This will allow for smooth, gradual inputs rather than abrupt, digital movements.

How can I test and calibrate my controller in Assetto Corsa?

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